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A Community Interest Company

Our Aims:  To utilise the valuable experiences of peer mentors and incentivise education with the provision of genuine through-the-gate Peer Resettlement support workers alongside extra training leading to employment and desistance.

Our Core values are:  

We take Responsibility

We Innovate

We Support

We are Positive

We are Credible

We are Transformative

We are Professional


What do we offer? We offer 24/7 support to our members upon release via our existing members who will offer you a friendly word of advice whenever you need it.  There will be training opportunities, details of apprenticeships, volunteering opportunities and we will be advertising jobs on there too! We will also be encouraging employers to look at your profiles and take chances on people, so get involved.


97% of Prisoners want to stop committing crime

88% of prisoners we engage in Prison want to work with us.

68% of offenders believe having a job will stop them re-offending.

38% of people we collected from the gate were homeless.

57% of the prisoners we engaged are high risk.

54% of the people we have engaged so far have been supported into work.


Our college tutors and level 2 trained mentors run Resettlement and Employability courses in custody focusing on communication skills, work expectations and budgeting. We then build rapport in custody and provide Through-The-Gate support working with service users to focus on things such as an employment action plan, discussing any issues or triggers we need to make arrangements around. We have strong links with community education and training providers who focus on potential rather than past and we can part-fund CSCS cards in some cases. We get ex-offenders working either with us on our direct projects such as New Leaf Property Maintenance Service, or at the soon to be opened Work-House: our Light-industry warehouse space which also acts as our Engagement hub. This is where most of our mentoring takes place and new skills are embedded.
We also offer self-employment support and advice from people who have done it themselves.
When people are ready to move on, we have a Network of employers who want to meet with them at one of our work-it-out events, offering further training and guidance for them on their journeys. All of our employers have a healthy ethos around employing ex-offenders. If you would like to know more, please fill out a contact form and one of our advisors will call you back.

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We will provide clear exit strategies for prisoners via co-produced action plans created in custody. We will tailor a match between employers who are willing to mentor and up skill ex-offenders who show promise and a proven dedication to desisting from crime.

Personal Support

We believe in a self-help approach which empowers those we work with to make positive decisions and to pursue their own rehabilitation. We believe in giving responsibility to people which promotes the fastest growth in the shortest time.  We believe in the power of a positive can-do attitude, 1-2-1 life-affirming sessions and taking responsibility for our past actions.

The New Leaf Initiative helps ex-offenders nationwide.



New Leaf’s fully trained staff facilitate prisoner workshops and job coaching sessions both inside the secure estate and out in the community to prepare service users for their successful rehabilitation.


We signpost service users to partner organisations such as colleges, adult learning centres and Universities to amplify their credibility on the job market.

Peer Mentors

We offer peer mentor training to all suitable candidates in order to continue the positive cycle of support through experience to those most at risk of re-offending. We are currently looking to work with Youth offending teams in Birmingham.

New Leaf Social Network