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Please use the New Leaf freephone number which is 0300 102 3456 

About us

The New Leaf Initiative is a non-profit organisation that uses our lived expertise to engage and support those in the criminal justice system and wider communities, to stabilise, upskill, gain employment and speak truth to power.

We support people with multiple and sometimes complex barriers including homelessness, substance addiction, mental health, disabilities, and criminal convictions.

Through our unique peer-led model, New Leaf provides holistic and person-centred support to people who wish to improve and change their lives, working closely to build relationships with those accessing our services, whilst at the same time providing valuable practical support, giving them a platform to have their voices responded to.

Our long-term vision is to enable clients to access sustainable employment in a career of their choosing, which is proven to reduce reoffending, and which is achieved through three key stages of support:

Stabilisation – identifying needs and empowering people to overcome barriers to enable stability in their lives

Upskilling – working with clients to provide them with the skills, training, education, and qualifications needed to enter employment.

Employment – identifying and connecting with employers to access employment, with the provision of ongoing in-work support