Keynote talks and motivational sessions

Delivered to many corporate and third sector organisations including the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, SOVA, Charity Fast-track, PeoplePlus to name a few.

“Marie-Claire spoke at AELP’s National Conference this year about the incredibly important work she does with offenders especially in the transition out of prison.  She also spoke about her belief in lived experience and the personal journey she has been on.  It was engaging and informative and she received the highest ratings in the feedback from those attending the conference.  Excellent speaker, excellent partner”

Mark Dawe | Chief Executive | AELP

We have delivered sessions in schools and in approximately 28 prisons nationwide with 94% of prisoners giving positive feedback, evaluated by the National Careers Service in three geographical locations around the UK.  The courses and sessions Inspire people, reducing stigmatisation and reoffending, encouraging prisoners and others to engage with services and invest in their futures, preparing them for release into the community.

Prisoners have said the following about the talks

“Very helpful – I want to turn my life around and this could help me move towards that”

“Very Inspirational!”

“Be positive in life and achieve goals”

“Made me believe I can do it too”

“The fact that I can get a degree and qualifications in prison”

“Everyone can make a choice to change”

“That no matter how bad of a crime you’ve committed, everyone has a chance to rehabilitate”

“I believe I can be more than just a criminal”

“Listening to her story and other stories, I can see things I need help with”

“That there is a way out and life after prison”

Prison staff said the following:

“The drug dependant wing especially took a lot from her talk and said they felt inspired.  There was a learner there who said he felt like God had spoken to him because he was unsure whether to attend but he did, and he now feels motivated” 

“Fantastic, one of the best talks ever!” 

“Fantastic, really engaged with the inmates, held their attention and inspired them”.