LLEx CJS Conference and Awards 2022

Connection was the theme for The New Leaf Network Conference 2022, with guest speakers:

Dominic Headley (Dominic Headley & Associates) View Video

Anne Fox (Clinks) View Video

Lucy Wainwright (Epic Consultants) View Video

Billa Nanra View Video

Adam Cornfoot (New Leaf Network) View Video

All videos can be viewed on the New Leaf Network YouTube Channel The New Leaf Network – YouTube


New Leaf Network Awards 2022

The New Leaf Network Awards is an annual event with the aim of shining a spotlight on the positive impact made by those with lived experience of the Criminal Justice Sector. Awards were presented in the categories of:

  • Ally of the Year – A person working within the CJS, without Lived Experience but goes that extra mile to support others
  • Employee of the Year –Somebody who is a valuable asset to their employer and used their Lived Experience in order to instil change and support others
  • Entrepreneur of the Year –Usually, a person who manages and organises an enterprise, often a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk
  • Innovative Employer of the Year –¬†Forward thinking employers and/or organisations who value the benefits of Lived Experience of the CJS within their organisation
  • Volunteer of the Year – Lived Experience individual who gives up their time, shares skills/expertise for the benefit of others, usually for an organisation or established body

View video of the New Leaf Network Awards 2022