LLEx CJS Conference and Awards 2023

New Leaf Network Awards 2023 – Nominations are open!

The New Leaf Network Awards is an annual event with the aim of shining a spotlight on the positive impact made by those with lived experience of the Criminal Justice Sector. Nominations are open in the following categories;

Entrepreneur of the year – An enterprising person with lived experience of the CJS

Employee of the year – Someone with lived experience of the CJS who is going above and beyond for their employer

Volunteer of the year – A CJS lived experienced person doing good for others without seeking financial reward

Employer of the year – Forward thinking employer who actively supports the employment of those with convictions

Network ally of the year – A non CJS lived experienced person who aligns with our values when it comes to supporting people who have been in contact with the CJS

Criminal Justice Organisation of the year – Ideally a not for profit CIC or Charity who provides support to people with convictions, jowever any organisation that ‘does good’ for people  with convictions is welcome to be nominated.

Nominations close 10th November 2023


2023 Nomination Form


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