Growing Together PartnershipQuote from a mentee and soon-to-be mentor.

‘It was when I went to see my Offender Manager that I met Maz, the person who has encouraged me to take the next step in my Journey.

Just like me, Maz is an ex offender who has not only turned her life around but now mentors others to achieve their goals through encouragement and support. Her caring and personal way of supporting has been quite infectious and seeing how she never gave up on herself and worked through her difficulties.

I have been blessed in having many people in my life that have been positive role-models, though talking to Maz and learning of the lows in her life and how she made the decision to turn her life around showing such tenacity has hit a chord just when needed.

Maz helped me recognise that spark that we all have within us and that everyone is worth fighting for …. even when they don’t see it themselves and are in the depths of despair.  Sometimes things happen for a reason and I feel that I’m now on the right path. I feel motivated through my engagement with Maz and The New Leaf Initiative.

I have now been asked to be a Mentor and given the opportunity to help and support others, guiding them by using my own experiences and steps to success. Just as I have been supported by Maz I know I will not give up on any one.’  Anonymous.


If anyone that reads this feels they could use some support or a friendly face that understands, or if you are an organisation or employer seeking more information on what we do and ways you can join in on the rehabilitation revolution, please contact us on the ‘Contact us’ page, we look forward to hearing from you!


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