Richard Branson’s weakness

On Twitter I found a tip for every entrepreneur. But in fact this is not just valid for entrepreneurs.

    This is valid for all of us.

The below is taken from Richard’s own blog.

We all have to recognise that we all have weaknesses. I know I do. But I’m never willing to let them defeat me, or get me down. I have always sought to turn my disadvantages into advantages. For example, my dyslexia taught me to think differently, and solve problems in a unique way.

W is for Weakness

“I became a really good delegator early in life, and learned to find and work with people whose strengths balance my weaknesses.

By surrounding myself with fantastic people, who are brilliant in the areas where I struggle, we’ve managed to grow Virgin into the global group of businesses that it is today.

So instead of covering up your weaknesses and trying to sweep them under the rug, acknowledge them and start thinking about ways that you can use them to really benefit you.

What are you weaknesses? How do you address them?

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